“Root Canal Treatment in Guntur: 9 Essential FAQs for a Healthy Smile”

Frequently asked questions

Q. When do I need a Root canal Treatment?

There are many indications for root canal treatment and your Endodontist or Specialist doctor may suggest you accordingly. Severe tooth pain, tooth Fracture, severe sensitivity are a few frequent conditions that may warrant a root canal. One must remember that, all painful and sensitive teeth are not always recommended for root canal treatment.

Q. Is Root canal Treatment painful ? Does Root canal Hurt?

Ans – Root canal treatment is done under local anesthesia to prevent any pain episode. Modern root canal treatments are absolutely painless and one will feel only a mild discomfort after completion of procedure. Advanced rotary endodontics, irrigation protocols and Rubber dam dentistry at Suraksha dental clinic will make your root canal treatments absolutely pain free in most cases.

Q. Do we pull out the tooth or extract for doing a root canal?

No, not at all. Root canal is an exclusive tooth saving option and tooth need not be removed for the same.

Q. Will Root canal treatment affect my eye sight ?

There is no evidence that supports this statement. Any procedure done during root canal is done within the teeth and hence it wont affect the eyes and adjacent vital structures.

Q. What are various stages of root canal treatment?

stage 1 – identification of tooth status and tooth nerve infection in an x ray

stage 2 – cleaning of infected root canal space and irrigation.

stage 3 – Permanent or post endodontic filling.

stage 4 – Capping of teeth or crown to prevent fracture.

Q. What is the root canal procedure ?

Procedure involves removal of bad tooth structure and removing infected tooth nerve under anesthesia. During the procedure Various solutions will be used to clean the debris from teeth. The procedure completes with the placement of a strong cement to the defective tooth structure. All the above mentioned steps are done under a protective sheet around your teeth named rubber dam.

Q. How much is the root canal recovery time?

Root canal Recovery time ranges from 5 to 7 days for most patients. However, it may increase in severely infected or traumatic conditions. Often healing will be quicker in young compared to aged.

Q. How long does Root canal Treatments Last ?

Adequately treated and filled Root canal Treatments do last for a life time without any trouble. Root canal treatments performed by Endodontists, specialists doctors with a post graduate degree in performing advanced root canals usually do last long compared to general dentists. occasionally in adequate debridement, leaking restorations and heavy forces on tooth may result in failure.

Q. How many visits does a Root canal Usually take ?

Advanced modern dentistry ensures painless root canal treatments completed in a single visit it self. However some teeth require multiple visits to reduce the severity of infection. The number of appointments needed are decided based on the available time to perform the procedure, extent of infection, complexity of root canal anatomy and accessibility and age of patient.

Q . Do I need a crown after root canal Treatment ?

yes, in most cases root canal treated teeth require crowns or caps. After the procedure, the strength and hydration of tooth will be reduced and it may result in easy fracture of tooth. Occasionally root canal treatments are not succeeded by crowns if good tooth material is available or lesser occlusal load is present and this is highly variable.

Q. How long does crown last ?

Based on available tooth structure a crown may last from 3 to 10 years usually. However, the glue/cement that is used to attach it to the underlying tooth might get weakened due to excessive loading and come off. In such cases your dentist may choose to recement the crown. Occasionally the the crown may get fractured due to cracks warranting its replacement.

Q. can I get a permanent filling after root canal ?

A permanent filling is must to enhance the strength of weakened tooth after root canal procedure. It ensures proper sealing to prevent secondary infection in tooth. In limited cases your dentist might choose to restore your teeth with a permanent filling and not give a crown.

Q. Can a cavity comeback after Root canal ?

yes, there is a chance. With good oral hygiene it can be prevented.

Q. Do they drill a hole in a root canal treatment ?

Yes, and it is known as access cavity. All the bad tooth structure will be removed and an entry will be made into the tooth to remove all the infection and clean it.

Q. Can nerves grow after Root canal ?

No. Root canal treatment removes all the vasculature and nerve tissue from the tooth. The treated teeth will not respond to cold and hot foods as usual. However this would only benefit the patient and not have any significant changes in lifestyle or chewing pattern.

Q. what is post and core in Root canal ?

Post and core is a procedure done to strengthen the weakened tooth structure from within. Metal or Glass fiber posts are used for Post and core Commonly.

Q. Do we need to repeat a previous Root canal Treatment ?

Occasionally, root canal treatments may be unsuccessful due to presence of bacteria or leakages under past fillings. In such cases, Previous fillings will removed and a cleaning process will be done again to reduce infection and gaps can be sealed. Any previous crowns or overlays may need to be replaced as well. This Process is known as Re Root Canal.

Q. Which one is better for an infected tooth ? Root canal Or Extraction?

If the remaining tooth structure and bone support are in good condition , your Dental specialist may recommend a root canal treatment after good examination. Severe pain and infection often may reduce immediately with extraction too, but the missing tooth replacement would even increase the treatment cost.

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