Dental Treatments offered at Suraksha Dental clinic, The best Dental hospital in Guntur.

Root Canal Treatments

the best dental clinic in guntur
the best dental clinic in guntur

Process of saving infected tooth by removing the infection from within.

Dental Implants

the best dental clinic in guntur

Tooth like replacements for missing tooth. Both immediate and Delayed implants are Possible

caps or crowns

the best dental clinic in guntur

complete coverage for tooth surface in badly broken condition or after a root canal treatment. Looks more like a natural one.

wisdom tooth surgery

painful wisdom tooth that are not straight and deeply seated are removed in a specialized surgical way.

tooth coloured fillings

Fillings are also known as restorations. We offer high strength long lasting tooth coloured fillings in tooth decay or fracture.Fillings can be done for both front and back teeth 

flap surgery

Bone loss and consistent gum problems leads to tooth mobility and loose tooth. Flap surgery addresses all gum related problems,promotes healthy gum healing and reduces tooth mobility.

Laser Flap Surgery

Laser flap surgery is an advanced version of Flap surgery with minimal discomfort and faster healing.the procedure is bloodless and painless.

Post and core

Post and core is the procedure of strengthening a badly fractured or decayed tooth with support from root.

fixed partial dentures

Replacement of a lost tooth with the help of adjacent teeth.They are natural looking and compatible for chewing.also known as bridges 

DMLS crowns or caps

Metal ceramic caps of exceptional strength and durability.usually durable upto 10 years.

Zirconia and all ceramic caps

Metal free full coverage crowns or caps.we offer LAVA, bruxzir,Monolith,Layered and many more variants of zll ceramic or zirconia caps.

full mouth teeth placement

Full mouth rehabilitation is a process of replacing lost natural teeth. We offer bridges and implants customized as per patient’s needs.

temporary caps

Temporary or provisional crowns are acrylic crowns that are given in cases of single visit esthetic makeovers or as a trial before permanent crown delivery to maintain function.

ultrasonic cleaning

Scaling or ultrasonic cleaning removes hard tartar and calculus from the tooth surface and helps to improve gum health.

air polishing and cleaning

Air polishing is a modern way of removing harmful plaque and stains from teeth. It is a non contact based prophylaxis technique with absolutely no damage to the tooth surface.

prophylactic teeth cleaning

A fluoride rich paste will be used to clean teeth to reduce decay and caries incidence.

tooth stain removal

Long term tooth stains and discolorations such as brown and black discolourations,tobacco stains etc. can be removed.


Bleaching offers bright natural teeth with painless procedures. We offer in clinic, at home and long term bleaching solutions.

teeth whitening

Teeth whitening offers mechanical and chemical stain removal from darkly stained teeth.

deep teeth cleaning and curettage

Deep cleaning and curettage Removes the tartar,plaque below gums and reduces gum inflammation. We offer Laser assisted Deep cleaning services.


Laser assisted new attachment Procedure is a painless and sutureless procedure to enhance the gum attachment to the tooth. Gingival inflammation, Consistent periodontal pockets and recession are a few conditions where LANAP is used. 

fillings for children

Caries in milk teeth are filled with fluoride releasing high strength materials.


Pulpotomy is a process of partial removal of tooth pulp to preserve vitality for root development.commonly done on young teeth.


Pulpectomy is a process of complete removal of infected tooth pulp due to caries or infection.commonly done to prevent the further spread of infection.

fluoride gels application for kids

Fluoride is an essential component for caries and decay prevention. Periodical fluoride gel reduces caries incidence in children.

fluoride varnish

Fluoride varnish is topical application of fluoride paste in selected tooth is indicated in children with high caries occurrence,adults with poor oral hygiene, patients undergoing radiation therapy etc.

re insertion of fallen tooth

Sports or road accident injuries sometimes may cause teeth fall out of the mouth. These teeth if brought to the dentist within 30 minutes cab be reinserted and saved. Click to know how.

oral ulcers therapy

We offer high intensity LASER ablation therapy and medication for reduction of oral ulcers.

wisdom tooth surgery

Wisdom tooth surgery is removal of complicated and oddly positioned last molar teeth that are causing pain and infection.


Veneers or laminates are thin layers of ceramics placed on the front tooth surface to change the appearance of teeth. They are minimally invasive and can be placed in non-preparation techniques also.

orthodontic aligners

Clear alternative to braces and clips to correct teeth. Gaps/rotations in tooth to full mouth corrections are possible in a comfortable way. No diet restrictions and no barriers to your smile.

smile designing

the best dental clinic in guntur

Cumulative Procedures to completely modify the way you smile. Bride or groom smile makeover and short term alterations are also possible. 

fractured tooth restoration

Fractured teeth can be restored to function and good appearance with the help of post-core, crowns and reattachment of fractured parts.

mobile tooth splinting

Loose/mobile teeth due to loss of bone support or tooth hit during accidents can be splinted to help them firm again. Splinting is applicable for suitable cases only.

tooth pain treatment

Tooth pain can be managed by either by conservative therapy such as root canal treatment, filling and gum therapy or by extraction depending upon the clinical scenario.

bleeding gums treatment

Bleeding gums indicate underlying disease. We provide advanced management with LASER and deep cleaning for reduction and healing of gum diseases. 

cashless dental treatments

We are in collaboration with many corporate companies such as my dental plan and medibuddy to provide cashless hassle free dental treatments for the eligible.

bad breath therapy

Bad breath or halitosis may result from poor dental hygiene or systemic health. We provide the accurate diagnosis for your bad breath.


Reduction of excess growth of gums and reshaping to make your gum healthy again.LASER based and painless procedure.

cortico basal implantology

Immediate loading full mouth implants. No teeth to beautiful smile and biting under 72 hours.

dental RVG x ray

Advanced digital x ray or RVG to detect the dental problems more accurately.

dental implants in guntur

dental OPG x ray

X ray technique with all the teeth in mouth are visible at once. Progression of dental disease and bone level can be efficiently analyzed.

Dental CBCT

Provides a detailed 3 dimensional view of oral hard tissues.

TMJ joint problems

Clicking face joint sounds,prolonged facial pain, difficulty in food grinding are temporomandibular joint problems occurring frequently. Joint dislocation and disc derangement and disc problems are also addressed.

teeth sensitivity or dentin sensitivity

Sensitivity to sweet, cold, sour or hot foods with short term duration and long term duration can be addressed advanced fluoride coatings, Remineralizing therapy and laser desensitization.

General Dental Check up

General dental check up periodically eliminates the need for invasive dental procedures as the disease is identified at the earliest.

teeth grinding intervention

Teeth grinding is a damaging process that leads to severe tooth loss slowly. We provide tooth guards or night guards and habit intervention without altering life style.

clear aligners orthodontics

Aligners or orthodontic aligners are modern tooth braces. They are extremely clear and would not affect the daily activities or life style of the patient. Results are more reliable and quick.

tooth jewellery

Tooth or dental jewellery is offered in the form of bright crystals or stones bond to the front tooth.

bridal smile makeover

Tooth jewellery, tooth whitening and stain removal and emergency esthetic smile design treatments are offered. 

Repeat root canal treatments

Occasionally root canal treatments may result in failure due to reinfection. Tooth can be given a second chance by repetition of root canal treatment.

single visit root canal treatments

We offer the most advanced single visit laser root canal treatments for painful teeth. The procedure is painless and has a good success rate.

removal of gum over growth

Excess growth of gums due to infection of prolonged medications can be painlessly removed by LASER.

removal of oral tumors

Prolonged tooth infection might result in cysts or tumours in the oral cavity. We offer advanced surgical removal of oral cysts.


Removal hood like growth of gum onto the tooth causing food impaction and pain.

serial extractions for children

Removal of retained milk teeth blocking the development of permanent teeth.